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P2P Instructions


1. We can only port  existing chatr customers to Rogers or Fido  - We cannot do new  number activation.

2. They have to be with chatr at least 30 days. But for commissioning purpose if the customer has activated from one of our location try to wait for 120 days.

3. Pitch to every BILL payment customer if they meet above conditions. 
4. If any existing customer are looking for account number, 5G, postpaid or roaming offer them right away as long as they are 30 days with chatr.

5. Please ask them and make sure they have 2 pcs of ID as below,  If not ask them to come back as soon as possible with them.

Examine the pieces of ID, noting the following:
•    Photo
•    Address
•    Date of birth
•    Expiry date

Valid photo IDs consist of:
•    Driver's licence
•    Canadian passport 
•    Provincial ID or age of majority card
•    Permanent resident card
•    Senior citizens card
•    Canadian Armed Forces ID card
•    Foreign passport with valid work or study permit
•    Native status card
   The old laminated versions of these cards are easily forged.
•    Birth certificate
   While not photo ID, a birth certificate is an acceptable form of ID when combined with a piece of photo ID.

Valid proof of address consists of:
•    Driver’s licence
•    Provincial photo ID
•    Utility bills (hydro, gas, property tax)

   Valid Credit Reference for NAC/HUP include the photo IDs listed in the first tab as well as:
•    Social Insurance Number
•    Credit Card (Secondary credit cards, VISA Debit, Debit MasterCard, and International credit cards are not acceptable)
•    Banking information (for example, cheques with name and address, or direct deposit form)
•    Rogers or Fido invoice (Hardware Upgrade only)

6. Always offer the best P2P Plans to create interest  - Offer mostly Rogers as it is 5G - Other dealers are doing 98% rogers and 2% FIDO.


50 GB FOR $39
75 GB FOR $45
125 GB FOR $60
Some customers will also get $10 OFF for 
You have to search in Chatr CWP if they are eligible for it   

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